Monday, October 3, 2011

NMR Winter School at Saclay

Experiments and Modelling in Structural NMR

November 28 -December 2, 2011
INSTN-CEA Saclay, France (20 km South of Paris)

The aim of the school is to provide basic understanding on the coupling of theoretical Modelling and Simulation methods to the Experiments in structural NMR, for biology and material science. This school will therefore cover liquid, oriented media and solid state NMR approaches.

The School is composed of Seminars in the morning and Practical Training in the afternoon involving both the theoretical and experimental aspects.

The school will cover several topics in the field of structural NMR. In the first part, following an introduction on general principles, the basic knowledge in isotropic and anisotropic media is given. The second part deals with the structural studies of biological systems and materials while the third gives an overview of a some advanced concepts including Hyper-polarization, Fast NMR and Diffusion process.

This school is a unique, covering most recent aspects of Structural NMR , in biology and material science, both experimental and computational.

Registration deadline: October 30, 2011