Sunday, April 29, 2012

Recognition: Julian Zhu

Polymer Chemistry (RSC) profiles Prof. Julian Zhu (Université de Montréal) as the author of the week.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

NMR paper in Science

P. Neudecker, P. Robustelli, A. Cavalli, P. Walsh, P. Lundström, A. Zarrine-Afsar, S. Sharpe, M. Vendruscolo, and L.E. Kay, "Structure of an Intermediate State in Protein Folding and Aggregation," Science 336 (2012) 362-366.

Science Perspective: David Eliezer, "Visualizing Amyloid Assembly," Science 336 (2012) 308-309.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Physics of MRI: A Primer

An introductory lecture on physics of MRI by Donald Plewes and Walter Kucharczyk (University of Toronto).

D.B. Plewes and W. Kucharczyk, "Physics of MRI: A Primer," Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 35 (2012) 1038–1054. (Review: MR Physics for Clinicians)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Recognition: 53rd ENC Student Travel Awards

ENC has announced winners of 2012 Student Travel Stipends attending the 53rd ENC, April 15-20, 2012, Miami, Florida. The stipends are funded by the ENC, the Suraj P. Manrao Science Foundation, and the generous contributions of companies. Among awardees there are several Canadian recipients, including

Andrée Gravel (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Emily Ritz (University of Guelph)
Siqi Zhu (McGill University)
Bryan Lucier (University of Windsor)
Hussain Masoom (University of Toronto)
Erick Meneses Ramirez (McGill University)

Congratulations to all the winners!

The finalized 53rd ENC program is now available online

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

IV Ibero-American NMR Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to participate in the IV Ibero-American NMR Meeting which will be celebrated along with the VI GERMN Bienal Meeting and the III Iberian NMR Meeting, at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, from 25 to 28 September, 2012. This special arrangement will offer the Ibero-American NMR spectroscopists and others interested, a large audience and a great opportunity to present and share their results.

Registrations are open and abstracts to be considered for oral contribution can be submitted until April 30th.

Confirmed speakers:

Brian Goodfellow (CICECO, Aveiro, Portugal)
Claudio Fernandez (UNR, Rosario, Argentina)
Claudio Tormena (IQM, UNICAMP, Campinas Brazil)
Luis Alberto Colnago (EMBRAPA, Brasília, Brazil
Hartmut Oschkinat (FMP, Berlin, Germany)
Jarbas Resende (UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
Jesús Angulo (CSIC, Seville, Spain)
João Rocha (CICECO, Aveiro, Portugal)
Marta Bruix (CSIC, Madrid, Spain)
Natàlia Carulla (IRB, Barcelona, Spain)
Julien Wist (Universidade del Valle, Cali, Colombia)
Volker Dötsch (IBC, Goethe Univ. Frankfurt, Germany)

Travel stipends:

For full details, important deadlines and updates, please visit our website:

Looking forward to meet you in Aveiro,

The organizing committee

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cover article in Chemical Science

C.J. Capicciotti, M. Leclère, F.A. Perras, D. Bryce, H. Paulin, J. Harden, Y. Liu and R.N. Ben, "Potent inhibition of ice recrystallization by low molecular weight carbohydrate-based surfactants and hydrogelators," Chem. Sci. 3 (2012) 1408-1416. (Cover Article)

Monday, April 2, 2012

3rd Canadian Magnetism Meeting

Dear colleagues,

The 3rd Canadian Magnetism Meeting will be held in Calgary on May 25th, right before the CSC kicks off. This day-long meeting is intended to allow researcher in all fields of magnetism to share their recent research developments, and network with other members of the Canadian magnetism community.

All interested are welcome to attend. In order to help organization, please send an email to confirm if you and your group will attend (contact information below).

We have a lineup of invited speakers covering various areas of magnetism: Daniel Gamelin (U Washington), Daniel Leznoff (SFU), Natia Frank (UVic), Laurie Thompson (MUN), TK Sham (Western), Kathryn Preuss (Guelph), and Arthur Mar (UofA).

There will be a poster session for students with best poster awards. We will be accepting email submissions of abstracts (200-word abstract, 1 picture) until May 7th.

There is no registration fee for this meeting.

More info can be found at:

Visit often, the website will get regular updates in the coming weeks.

All those interested to attend and/or to submit an abstract, please email Robin Arseneault.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in Calgary.